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Rose Pu'er

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Tea Type: Dark Tea
Origin: Iran & Yunnan
Ingredients: Rose, Ripe Pu’er
Aromas: Rosy and Fragrant
Taste: Mild, Earthy and Rosy
Tea Nature: Neutral
Package: 10 Capsules

Small Capsule(120ml) / Large Capsule(150ml)
*Compatible with coffee capsule machine

*All tea capsules are recommended to brew only once for the best tasting experience.

*Not recommended for women during period and pregnancy.

A perfectly balanced, fragrant blend that fuses the delicate aromas of roses with the rich and earthy flavours of Pu’er.

Meticulously crafted from Yunnan Pu’er tea leaf buds and exquisite Persian Roses, this tea boasts a pleasant floral aroma that can relieve indigestion and improve moods. Mild and mellow in nature, our Rose Pu’er tea capsule is especially ideal for the summer season and is suitable for all to consume.