Traditional tea brewing is complicated and tedious, but the unknown formulation source and varying quality make using tea bags deterring... The enjoyment of a truly delicious and nutritious cup of tea eludes those immersed in the hustle and bustle of city life.

TEA CHÂTEAU presents the neoteric technology of Tea Capsule Machines and Tea Capsules. Maximizing the scent and benefits of wellness care, you can relax with the perfect cup of tea effortlessly.

  • Pre-Infusion Technique

    Imitating a professional tea master, present the cup with fullest aroma.

  • Celsius : High Degrees Instant-Heating

    Instantly heating to the best brewing temperature right before pouring to keep the aroma and block any scent in the air from solving into the tea.

  • Pressure : High Pressure Extraction

    Extract with high pressure (15/19 Bar) when brewing, shortly extracting the full taste of tea to level up the flavor with fine and steady quality.

  • Fresh-Locking Preservation

    Keep the complete freshness of tea leaves by preventing deteriorating from air, light and humidity.

  • Membrane Infiltration

    Using a showerhead-like infusion method for even distribution, the tea leaves are meticulously brewed to extract the full richness of aroma from every leaf.

  • Precision Grinding

    Due to variations in tea and herbal properties, our tea masters carefully select the optimal grinding level from over a hundred research samples, unveiling the finest formula tailored for our dedicated tea capsule machine.

  • Tea Capsules

    ✓ Rich aroma


    ✓ Press to brew in 30 seconds


    ✓ Steady intensity


    ✓ Rich in nutrition


    ✓ Wholesomeness

  • Tea Leaves

    ✓ Rich aroma

    ✗ Time-consuming

    ✗ Hard to control the intensity

    ✓ Rich in nutrition

    ✗ Relatively unhygienic

  • Tea Bags

    ✗ Less Aroma

    ✓ Easy and Convenient to Brew

    ✗ Hard to control the intensity

    ✗ May contain preservatives

    ✗ May contain plasticizers

Tea Capsule Machines

Tea Capsules