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Imperial Porcelain Jewel Gift Set

Contains 8 Tea Capsules + 8 Teacups + 1 Teapot

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Tea Type: Lingzhi Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, Jasmine, Pu’er, Biluochun, Longjing, Sing Out Loud, Free Your Soul

Material: Porcelain

Teapot Dimensions: 8cm (H) X 8cm (D)

TeaCup Dimensions:
Small size: 5cm (diameter of top) X 3.2cm (height) X1.5cm (diameter of bottom)
Large size: 6cm (diameter of top) X 4.5cm (height) X2.1cm (diameter of bottom)

The ”Imperial Porcelain Jewel Gift Set” contains an exquisite set of white porcelain tea ware and 8 of our all-time favourite teas from Tea Chateau’s “Traditional Chinese Tea“ and “Functional Teas” series.

The premium teaware in this set features a timeless design that is both lavish and stylish. Crafted in Jingdezhen- a city known for its fine porcelain adored by imperials, this lustrous yet translucent teacup can elevate the rich colour tea and will surely make your tea experience an extraordinary one.