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Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

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- Matcha from Kyoto Uji, Japan
- Emerald green, rich, sweet and non-bitter
- Creamer-Free
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Roast Level
After Taste
Aroma Seaweed, Brown Sugar
Taste Fresh, Sweet, Smooth
Tea Type Green Tea
Ingredients Uji Matcha, Okinawa Brown Sugar, Whole Milk Powder
Origin Kyoto Uji
Number of Capsule in Box 10
Weight 0.197 kg
Size Large Capsule-90ml

In Japan, the most traditional matcha comes from Uji City in Kyoto, which was the first to develop the technology of "Shaded Cultivation" of tea leaves. The method of cultivation under sunscreen is the Shaded Cultivation method. Generally speaking, it is 14-21 days before harvest to cover with black cloth to reduce the absorption of sunlight, reducing the production of catechins in tea leaves, and suppressing the bitter taste in tea leaves. The cultivated matcha has a bright green color and greatly reduced bitterness and astringency, with a taste more fresh and sweet.

We only use young leaf buds and grind them into a fine powder in a stone mortar. After brewing, the matcha is still emerald and rich, with a sweet taste and just the right amount of astringency. Desserts and cuisines made with Uji matcha are also very popular. High-quality matcha is often advertised as "Ishiusu Hiki", that is, only ground with a slow-speed stone mill to reduce the heat generated during the process, so as not to damage its unique aroma and flavor.

Our Matcha Latte is formulated with full-cream milk powder, without creamers carrying trans-fat.

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