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- Hojicha from Mie Prefecture, Japan
- Strong aroma, with a unique aroma of roasting
- Lower Caffeine
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Roast Level
After Taste
Aroma Roasty, Caramel, Wheaty
Taste Wheaty, Roasty, Sweet
Tea Type Green Tea
Ingredients Hojicha
Origin Mie Prefecture, Japan
Number of Capsule in Box 10
Weight 0.065 kg
Size Small Capsule-120ml, Large Capsule-150ml

Japan's Mie Prefecture has a long and narrow terrain with mountains and seas, and has a temperature and water source optimal for the growth of tea trees. This Hojicha is made of tea leaves from Mie Prefecture. It has gentleness and a nutty aroma. After drinking, it makes one refreshed and feeling comfortable, and it gives the most classic flavor of hojicha. Whenever family or friends get together and you're not sure about their tea preferences, Hojicha with a focus on aroma surely would not go wrong.

Hojicha is roasted Japanese green tea. Hojicha is generally made by frying or roasting the stems of green tea leaves at a high temperature of up to 200 degrees. Therefore, roasted tea leaves are golden in color, strong in aroma, and have a unique aroma of roasting. ?Hojicha is sweet and gentle in nature, and the caffeine in the roasting process has been volatilized, so the caffeine level in roasted tea is relatively low, lightening the burden on the stomach and thus is suitable for all ages.

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