Reasons to give TEA CHÂTEAU as a Chinese New Year gift

  • Triple Uses In A Single Device

    In addition to tea capsules, our tea machine is also compatible with most coffee capsules on the market and can also be used as an instant hot water machine.

  • Easy Operation

    The tea machine has a user-friendly interface, easily brew at the touch of a button, making it easy for elders to use at home.

  • Decent Gift-Giving

    With a exquisite appearance and stylish design, makes it a graceful gift suitable for presenting to elders during the Chinese New Year.

  • Traditional Culture

    Preserving Chinese traditional culture while combining it with fashion, TEA CHÂTEAU offers over 40 tea selections.

TeaMag™ Innovative Brewing

  • 預先浸泡技術
    ™ Pre-Infusion

    Imitating a professional tea master, present the cup with fullest aroma.

  • 即熱高溫技術
    ™ Celcius

    Pre-set the optimal brewing temperature, enabling rapid infusion of tea aroma.

  • 高壓萃取技術
    ™ Pressure

    Enhances extraction efficiency during brewing, fully showcasing the flavor of the tea in a short time.

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Gathering the Essence of Premium Tea Leaves in a Single Tea Capsule

✓ Golden Ratio: Professionally blended by tea masters, precise measurement of tea leaves and fineness of grinding.

✓ Precious Ingredients: Contains rare and precious materials, using premium whole-leaf tea.

✓ Reputation Guarantee: Originated form Hong Kong, passes 60 tests for pesticide residue and heavy metals safety, further formulated by experts in Chinese and Western medicine as well as tea masters.

Chinese New Year Limited Offers

Go-To Gift Set

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CNY Gift Packaging Set

Free packaging set upon purchase of tea capsules with 3 boxes or above

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