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Sun Moon Black Tea

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Tea Type: Black Tea
Origin: Taiwan
Ingredients: Taiwanese Black Tea Leaves
Aromas: Orange Blossoms, Mint and Honey
Flavour: Rose and Pomelo Peel
Tea Nature: Warm
Properties: Nourishes the Body and Alleviates Heat
Package: 10 Capsules

Small Capsule(120ml) / Large Capsule(150ml)
*Compatible with coffee capsule machine

*All tea capsules are recommended to brew only once for the best tasting experience.

Delicately picked and crafted, this mouth-watering black tea is a luxurious tea experience that is sure to make your tastebuds dance.

Known for its distinct flavour profile of sweet honey, orange blossom and refreshing mint, the Sun Moon Black Tea creates an unforgettable infusion with great depth and complexity. Boasting similar characteristics to many other Taiwanese teas, this brew has an intricate blend of fruity floral aromas and notes of spices with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.