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Premium Dahongpao

Premium Dahongpao

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'- The supremest of oolong tea
- Posesses characteristics of Dahongpao rock essence fragrance
- Hints of spicy cinnamon and taste of floral and fruity sweetness
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Roast Level
After Taste
Aroma Cinnamon, Honey, Orchid
Taste Orchid, Frankincense, Pomelo Peels
Tea Type Oolong Tea
Ingredients Preimum Dahongpao
Origin Mount Wuyi
Number of Capsule in Box 10
Weight 0.062 kg
Size Small Capsule-120ml, Large Capsule-150ml

Dahongpao is the supremest of oolong tea, known as "The King of Tea". According to folklore, the monks of Tianxin Temple cured an imperial official's illness with tea made from the buds and leaves of the tea tree on the rocks of Jiulongke Canyon. The official covered the tea tree with the red robe he was wearing to express his gratitude. The red robe dyed the tea tree red, giving its name "Dahongpao".

Preimum Dahongpao is a unique tea-making handicraft in Wuyi Mountains. It is also called Cinnamon Dahongpao. Because its aroma resemblance, it is colloquially named "cinnamon". It is made through more than ten different traditional processes, presenting the characteristics of Dahongpao rock essence fragrance with strong aroma, hints of spicy cinnamon and taste of floral and fruity sweetness, Dahongpao is mellow and has a long-lasting aftertaste.

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