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玫瑰花, 百合,茉莉, 茶葉, 香片
養生, 玫瑰花, 茶膠囊, 沖泡茶

Tea Château

Free Your Soul

Fruit, floral flavours provide a classic yet refreshing taste.

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Tea Type: Chinese Herbal + Green Tea
Origin: China
Ingredients: Roses, Lilies Bulbs, Poria, Jasmine Green Tea Leaves, Muli
Tea Nature: Neutral
Properties: Calms nerves, removes toxins, antioxidizes, relieves stress and depression
Package: 10 Capsules
Size: Small Capsule(120ml) / Large Capsule(150ml)
*Compatible with coffee capsule machine

*All tea capsules are recommended to brew only once for the best tasting experience.

Nourishing the body also nourishes the mind; ancient Chinese medical practitioners discovered that those who have inner peace also have healthier bodies. Free Your Soul combines the fragrances of fruit and florals in an amber-coloured tea with a unique mellow taste that lingers in the mouth after drinking.

Composed of various rare herbs with soothing qualities such as roses, lilies, oysters and poria, Free Your Soul can help relieve stress and calm emotions. With its rich aroma and subtly sweet taste, it leaves the drinker feeling refreshed.

玫瑰花, 百合,茉莉, 茶葉, 香片 養生, 玫瑰花, 茶膠囊, 沖泡茶