CHUAN ‧ "The Wonders of Tea" Afternoon Tea


Inspired by the traditional five elements (earth, fire, wood, metal,
water) concept of Chuan Spa and the innovative Wellness Tea capsules, a hybrid wisdom from the Chinese & Western medical experts at TEA CHÂTEAU, the aromatic teas brewed at the press of a button are paired with delightful treats in ALIBI, creating a tranquil summertime
experience for guests to savour.

以「川」水療的傳統五行(土、火、木、金、水)概念及 TEA CHÂTEAU 結合中西醫團隊智慧的創新養生茶capsule系列為靈感,ALIBI 誠意炮製一系列精緻滋味的鹹甜美點搭配一按即沖中式養生茶,讓賓客靜享夏日的愜意午後時光。

Welcome Mocktails

Chenpi Pu’er 陳皮普洱 - Earth 土

Chenpi Pu'er, Chenpi, Osmanthus Syrup, Yuzu Juice
陳皮普洱, 陳皮, 桂花糖水, 柚子汁

Properties: Strengthens the spleen, reduces phlegm, relieves coughs, and regulates gastrointestinal motility


Free Your Lung 強肺補氣 - Metal 金

Free Your Lung, Mint Syrup, Kiwi Juice
強肺補氣, 薄荷糖水, 奇異果汁

Properties: Clears throat and relieves internal heat, nourishes and strengthens lungs