傳統中式茶 Traditional Chinese Tea

Fall in love with this golden yellow tea which allure you with its subtle orchid scent

each box includes 10 capsules


茶種:Tea Type: Oolong Tea
產地:Origin: Fujian Province, China
材料:Ingredients: Tieguanyin Leaves
香氣:Aroma: Orchid, Milky
口味:Taste: Grass, Floral
茶性:Tea Type: Neutral
療效:Properties: Calms nerves, eases digestion, relieves stress, reduces fat
Small Capsule (120ml)
Large Capsule (150ml)
Small Capsule compatible with Nespresso® Coffee Capsule Machines
Large Capsule compatible with Dolce Gusto® Coffee Capsule Machines

Tea Analysis
A sip relieves indigestion and leaves a sweet aftertaste.
Roast Level

Named by Emperor Qianlong, Tieguanyin is one of the top 10 Chinese teas and also the most popular oolong teas variant. As a semi- oxidized tea, it takes complex skill to craft. It excels in its refreshing scent, subtly sweet taste, vibrance and lingering orchid aroma, so much that it has been described as “fragrant even after seven brews”.

Tieguanyin is a mild tea suitable for all persons. It is known to have health and wellness qualities that contain antioxidizing, heat reducing and lipolytic properties.