Sing Out Loud

一口養生茶 Functional Tea
Sing Out Loud

Refresh your senses with a combination of ginseng and mint

each box includes 10 capsules


茶種:Tea Type: Chinese Herbal Tea
產地:Origin: China
材料:Ingredients: Wild Golden Mulberry Tea Leaves, American Ginseng, Mint
茶性:Tea Type: Cool
療效:Properties: Clears and nourishes the throat, detoxing, refreshes senses
Small Capsule (120ml)
Large Capsule (150ml)
Small Capsule compatible with Nespresso® Coffee Capsule Machines
Large Capsule compatible with Dolce Gusto® Coffee Capsule Machines

Tea Analysis
Clears and nourishes the throat, detoxing, refreshes senses

A strong voice communicates good health and spirits. Sing Out Loud’s flavours of ginseng and mint provide a refreshing relief that lingers after drinking.

Wild golden mulberry tea leaves, American ginseng and mint are core components of Sing Out Loud: apart from clearing the throat, it can also help with thirst and parched throats while carrying a refreshing minty taste. Frequent drinking of Sing Out Loud helps to nourish the throat.