傳統中式茶 Traditional Chinese Tea

Aromatic floral notes and an elegant harmony of flavours gives the refreshing feel of the beginning of summer

each box includes 10 capsules


茶種:Tea Type: Green Tea
產地:Origin: Hangzhou, China
材料:Ingredients: Biluochun Leaves
香氣:Aroma: Soybean, Pekoe Scent
口味:Taste: Wildflower, Soybean
茶性:Tea Type: Cool
療效:Properties: Antioxidizing, relieves heat, breaks down fat
Small Capsule (120ml)
Large Capsule (150ml)
Small Capsule compatible with Nespresso® Coffee Capsule Machines
Large Capsule compatible with Dolce Gusto® Coffee Capsule Machines

Tea Analysis
Relieves heat, antioxidizing, breaks down fat, helps detox and urination.
Roast Level

Named by Emperor Kangxi, Biluochun is a world-renowned green tea that amazes with its “Four Ultimates”: excellence in form, colour, aroma and taste. Originally a tribute tea reserved for aristocrats, it is now usually a high-end gift. This green tea is crafted at high temperatures, retaining its natural scent and nutrients.

This greenish yellow tea carries a sweet and refreshing floral fragrance and is abundant in tea polyphenols. Apart from its overwhelming fragrance and subtly sweet flavours, it also consists of antioxidizing, lipolytic and heat reducing properties.