Brand Story

Tea makes everything good,
but good tea is hard to make.
Tea is a part of life –
a beverage, a ritual, a brief respite.

Easy to savour, hard to brew.

Before it arrives in our cups, it is grown and withered, guided by millennia of wisdom.

Still, the perfect cup of tea is more:infused with the the expertise of craftsmenand a blend of traditional Chinese and Western remedies, the perfect brew warms the heart and nourishes the soul.

Complicated by intricacies and elaborate gestures, good tea has become unattainable, and is often sacrificed for time.

Call the Shots on Your Tea
You may have enjoyed many a spot of tea – but a shot of tea?
Tea Château hopes to introduce you to a new way of enjoying tea
With the push of a button, the perfect brew – a blend of deliciousness, quality and goodness – is yours to savour.
Colourful Flavours for
Colourful Personalities
No matter the time of day, we will have the perfect brew for you. Choose from traditional Chinese tea and herbal remediesfor a dose of wellness, whenever you please.
Push to Brew
Each shot of tea is encapsulated, so all you need to do is place a capsule into your machine, push a button, and voila – the perfect cuppa.
Everyday Remedies
Our teas are made from top-tier leaves and steeped in the wisdom of traditional Chinese and Western medical experts, so you can sip your way to better health.
“Tea – remade and reimagined”
Tea Château hopes to reimagine the tea-drinking experienceby encasing leaves in clever and convenient capsules, so when life gets in the way, you will still get to call the shots on how you would like your tea.