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普洱, 茶葉

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Tea Type: Black Tea
Origin: Yunnan, China
Ingredients: Pu’er Leaves
Aroma: Wooden, Sweet glutinous rice
Taste: Red Date, Wooden
Tea Nature: Neutral
Properties: Relieves indigestion, promotes blood circulation and bowel movements
Package: 10 Capsules
Size: Small Capsule(120ml) / Large Capsule(150ml)
*Compatible with coffee capsule machine

*All tea capsules are recommended to brew only once for the best tasting experience.

Also known as a “drinkable antique”, Pu’er’s namesake comes from its origin city in the Yunnan Province, where natural geographical advantages have produced quality tea leaves for centuries, known for their unique aroma and mellow taste.

According to ancient Chinese text “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Pu’er tea reduces heat, relieves indigestion, promotes salivation and extends longevity, making it an excellent tea for maintaining health.

普洱, 茶葉