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茉莉, 茶葉

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Tea Type: Green Tea
Origin: Guangxi, China
Ingredients: Jasmine Green Tea Leaves
Aroma: Jasmine, Nectar
Taste: Jasmine, Bean
Tea Nature: Cool
Properties: Calms nerves, relieves indigestion, internal heat and stress
Package: 10 Capsules
Size: Small Capsule(120ml) / Large Capsule(150ml)
*Compatible with coffee capsule machine

*All tea capsules are recommended to brew only once for the best tasting experience.

Tea leaves are scented with jasmine flower, where the base tea leaves will absorb the fragrance released from jasmine flowers. Scented jasmine tea leaves carry the aroma of both jasmine and green tea.

A world-famous Chinese tea, Jasmine is categorised as a Yinhao green tea. During the brewing process, it maintains a strong and refreshing taste of tea and also floral scents of jasmine flowers, which in turn relaxes and soothes the drinker. Jasmine tea leaves also contain nutritious polyphenols that taste refreshing and help break down fat, remove toxins, as well as rejuvenate the body and appearance.

茉莉, 茶葉